Registered Psychotherapist • Process Work Facilitator
Marriage and Funeral Celebrant


About Kay

My approach is based in Process-oriented Psychology, or Process Work, which originates from the work of Dr Arnold Mindell and Dr Amy Mindell. Process Work has its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism and modern physics. Process Work views disturbances as a gateway into enhanced awareness. It offers different ways of working with areas of life that we experience as problematic or painful in order to find the deeper meaning inherent within them, a meaning which can enhance the quality of our lives.

When applied to life changes such as experienced when we are diagnosed with a terminal illness, Process Work provides interventions to support the deep inner experiences, visions, dreams and feelings that can be experienced. It provides support and techniques for family members and those who care for them at these times.

See Links for further information, training schedules and applications of Process Work.

End of Life Care and Coma Work
As we go through the dying process we may experience altered and extreme states of consciousness that can be viewed as unusual or strange to family and carers. Process Work provides us with skills and techniques to assist the dying to navigate through these states and find meaning in them. Many find this way of working with the dying, empowering. It also assists us to maintain a loving connection.

Coma Work teaches us how to communicate and connect with someone in a deeply altered or extreme state of consciousness when our usual ways of communicating are no longer possible. See Coma Work links for more information.