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End of Life Care

Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us.
Mostly they are passed on unopened.
Rainer Maria Rilke.


Over recent years my passion has been assisting the dying and training others in end of life care using an holistic approach to what is happening. Although there is much written about dying, there is still fear in some cultures relating to talking about death and what may happen. It is not until we are in the midst of the dying process, our own or another’s, that we come face to face with our inadequacy, our lack of knowledge and skill. You can read more about my approach in my co-authored book Doorways into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life.
We can prepare for the dying process long before it actually happens, just as we do for giving birth. We can do this by reading relevant books, attending classes or workshops, listening to TED talks, meeting with professionals from hospice, attending a group discussion or the Death Café meetings in our neighbourhood. We can also learn about after-death care and it’s role in how we grieve.
Having a plan and a few skills to compassionately attend to the dying especially when the unexpected happens, can transform death into a time of deep spiritual growth and transformation for all.

I am available for training, workshops and individual family visits on request.

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