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Ageing and Death

Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us.
Mostly they are passed on unopened.
Rainer Maria Rilke.


Over the years Kay's passion has been assisting people through life transitions including ageing, death and dying. She has been involved in training staff and volunteers in palliative and end of life care. For many of us, the prospect of our life ending is approached with fear, even terror. Often it is not until we notice our ageing process or are witnessing death, our own or anothers, that we come face to face with our inadequacy, our lack of knowledge and skill to be present to what is happening and discover its meaning for our lives.

Ageing helps us focus on what is important, on the impermanent and transitory nature of our lives. Ageing invites us to prepare for death as we become aware that dying is an integral part of life and that we are dying a little bit every day. It supports us to face our fears, work on our inner worlds to connect with the untapped innate wisdom that is needed now. By doing this work and actively engaging with each moment of each day we develop attitudes and skills that enhance our quality of life and transform ageing and death into a time of deep spiritual growth and transformation.

Kay is available for consultation and facilitation of small groups around these topics.

Coma Communication

Near death many people experience altered states of consciousness, are less responsive or in a coma. Not knowing how to relate to these states we tend to leave the person alone to fend for themselves. Different attitudes and skills are needed to stay in contact and keep supporting the person even though they are not responding in the usual way. Refer to Doorways into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life.

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