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Notre Dame du Haut 1955

Doorways into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life.
Authors: Ingrid Rose and Kay Ryan.

Based on eight years teaching Process Work to Palliative Care practitioners and caregivers, this book presents tools and skills for assisting the dying and those in altered or extreme states of consciousness such as dementia and coma. It describes how we can approach and connect with those who are ill or near death, in a way that values all experience as holding potential meaning. We introduce theory and research, use case studies and examples to make it easy for you to learn compassionate care of the dying. There are exercises in the second part of the book that you can use to develop your skills.

All those working in end  of life care or family members experiencing a loved one dying, will find this book useful.

How to purchase this book:

Ryan, K. (2018).
Tua o te aria. Doorways into dying: Meaningful encounters at end of life.


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